Monday, July 18, 2011

Karate Wise Limited Intro (draft)

Karate Wise Limited
By Corey Green
Intro (draft)
This book is a textbook that will teach you the reader not only how to do the movements of karate but how to teach others as well.    This is my donation to society and will continue the legacy in which I now live.    In order to be recognized in the “official”  Black belt Hall of Fame with Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, George Chung and other famous people.   You have to do one thing….  revolutionize martial arts in some way which in turn will bend history. 
This I hopefully have done by writing this book and teaching others the Karate-Wise Unlimited ways.   My second book “Karate Wise Unlimited” is currently a work in progress but will be finished soon.   You’ll find research based facts that will confirm what I have known for quite some time.   That my Karate-Wise methods do work on not only children with Autism but many other special needs and also 3 -5 year olds.   I have three 5-year-old USA-N.K.F. National Champion(s) and Medalists as well from 2007. 
Upon reading this book you’ll be happy to know that the techniques taught are the specific instructions on how to teach special needs children and adults.   So this book includes the stretches, combinations and counter attacks, and you’ll learn how to perform front or round house kick with extreme precision.   You’ll learn some methods on how to enhance your training experience to receive results very fast using simple everyday tools.  
My 30,000 classes of teaching experience isn’t all poured out into this book but instead you’ll receive 1/20 of it.   Not all of the secrets  I use will be in this book, but they will be in the “Unlimited version”. 
You might find that you are having difficulty performing certain techniques due to well….  lack of experience!   I already know this, so therefore I have prepared the answers for most, if not all of your questions, in advance.   I know that if I can teach all these students through my specific, particular teaching styles and methods then I can also teach you the reader.   
The best part about this book is that it will help people help others and that’s what life’s all about.    If you cannot understand something that is written in the book then someone else will.  By doing so this will bring other people together and everybody will finally know more about how to defend themselves.   
It would be a very good idea to take a self-defense class from an actual instructor.   However, this book will prepare you at the very least and give you the tools in a unique fashion.     When I am conducting book signings for this book then after (maybe before if a large crowd) then all the signings has been completed then we will have a have a class featuring the techniques in the book.    It doesn’t matter if the class is 10 or 10,000, we will have a class!  So wear something loose fitting & get ready to have fun!
10% of the proceeds will go to various charities and contributors to the making of this book.