Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where to start?

My life began in Alaska but I ended up in Tennessee.    Sounds like a country song right?     Everything happens in life for a reason and there are no accidents,   that's what I believe.     So from day to day I own and operate my own business.    A business that is in business because of the enjoyment of helping others.   I started out with a very small operation and in 8 years have made history twice,  been featured on CNN News and am involved with research for my groundbreaking, breakthrough work.   I'm just stating facts that are important to be known. 

There are people out there that lie in order to be recognized or to gather attention.   Everything that I speak or do is the truth and have proof always to back up anything that I say.     I just thought that that might be important to point that out if you are going to read my blog from now on.   : )

I never get tired of my job because when you have a tough life in the beginning you appreciate all the nice things that you have.    Never, ever take anything for granted because once you do, it can all be taken away.    Btw..   if you find any typo's then please don't hold those against me!  

A lot of people know this because of the current economy but I learned this lesson in 2000.    When my hometown area's economy went south I ended up going south! : )  I saw my brother get married in Chattanooga,   Tennessee.   When I saw the beautiful scenic city with my own two eyes I said "If I open my business again then I'll open in Chattanooga.    It was a rough three years but I did what I set out do and that was to reopen.    So perseverance paid off.     

Currently I'm working on several textbooks and other books.   Finding the time is really the issue.   I will find the time and once my real journey or adventure begins then I will have to make the time.   For those of you out there that wonder if I have any children.    The answer is no but I teach hundreds of children in my school and those children are my children if you know what I mean.  I enjoy just coming home to my wife and doggy (Yorkie, girl)   to a peaceful and quiet home.    

I'm a career oriented person and if you read my first blog on this site then you'll understand why I will have to continue this particular lifestyle for a long time.   My goal is now to help others help others if that makes any sense.     To help those that cannot help themselves.   Finally.... to build up the student to the point that when a parent comes in they cannot tell who is and who isn't special needs!    Till next time folks................

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Press Release from Green's Karate

Press Release

Karate instructor and owner, Sensei Corey Green of Greens Karate in Chattanooga, TN, has unlocked many secrets in teaching special needs students this art form, especially autistic children. He is the founder of Green's Karate and has become the leading pioneer for teaching people with autism and other sensitive needs. Green has instructed over 30,000 classes, and more significantly, most sessions tend to integrate special needs children with his regular students. According to CNN News in 2006, Mr. Green instructed and qualified "The first person in history, with autism, to compete in the non-handicap division in the US Karate Nationals". In 2010, Green sent yet another, the first girl in history, with autism, to qualify and compete at the same event, in the same division. In doing this, his hard work has paid off. He has accomplished this feat 5 times in 5 years with 3 different students. Two of his 3 students, have been built up to a National level, and more surprisingly, in less than 12 months. He currently teaches over 45 special needs students, most of which, with autism.

Recently Mr. Green has worked with Lee University's L.U.D.I.C. program in partner, and their research team is in the process of analyzing his work exhaustibly. Over the summer, the documentation of his techniques will be analyzed and deciphered, both behaviorally, and scientifically within their published journals. This study will undoubtedly help validate his effective teaching strategy, thereby greatly improving the overall abilities and functionality with those that are diagnosed autistic and or have other special needs. Dr. Tammy Johnson, LUDIC director said on December 25th, 2010, "The students we had in [Green's] karate class had more challenges than those he's worked with in the past, but we just let him come and do his thing. He's handled the children beautifully and they responded well to him."

His program excels by instilling Manners, Respect and Self-Discipline. Parent testimonials about Green's methods and techniques continually repeat what most parents already know. His school has had proven results in specifically improving special needs students with; balance, hand/eye/feet coordination, fine/gross motor skills, reflexes, flexibility and confidence and concentration. Currently, Green is the only karate instructor in the world that can build up a child with autism to the National level in the U.S. Karate Nationals. Naturally, the next progression is teaching others how.

Green is in the process of writing several works which will first explain and introduce to the readers his initial findings. Instructors, though, will be sold a more specific textbook version pin-pointing exactly how to perform the techniques as well as proven methods for successfully teaching special needs students. Only after signing agreements with Corey Green in lieu of teaching the the owner/instructors will they then be certified by Mr. Green and be the only authorized schools and associations to use Green's methods to teach. Schools will be listed on Green's Karate website (greenskarate.com), for verification and authenticity. Green's formula will help the child, the parent, the community, and will eventually revolutionize teaching martial arts to people with special needs. Several schools nationwide have taken notice and are interested in Green's instruction at their respected schools. Any inquires can be directed to Sensei Green at greenskarate@gmail.com or call 423-432-5280